Kayaking in South Carolina

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Kayaking in South Carolina is a great way to explore the state’s natural beauty and get some exercise. With its numerous lakes and rivers, South Carolina offers a variety of kayaking opportunities for all skill levels.

According to Statista Research Department, nearly 18.6 million U.S. Americans went kayaking at least once in 2021[1]. This is a testament to the popularity of kayaking in the United States, and South Carolina is no exception.

The Edisto River is a popular destination for paddlers in South Carolina. It is one of the longest flowing blackwater rivers in North America, with more than 250 miles of beautiful countryside[2]. It is a great place for beginner kayakers, as well as experienced paddlers looking for a peaceful experience.

Capers Island is another great spot for kayaking in South Carolina. Located in the Lowcountry, it is a great place to explore the marshlands and observe the wildlife. It is also a great spot for fishing and camping[3].

The Chattooga River is a great destination for advanced kayakers. It is a 50-mile river that descends an average of 49 feet per mile, making it a great spot for whitewater kayaking[4]. It is important to note that only three companies are commercially licensed by the Forest Service to operate on the river.

No matter what your skill level is, South Carolina offers a variety of kayaking opportunities. From the Edisto River to Capers Island and the Chattooga River, there is something for everyone. So grab your paddle and explore beauty of South Carolina


South Carolina Kayaking – Complete Guide

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