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Ashville, North Carolina is a city full of charm and history and is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for a relaxing getaway.
It was founded in 1784 by John Campbell as “Campbell’s Station” on land he had purchased from Richard Henderson’s Transylvania colony. In 1793, it was renamed “Ashville” after North Carolina Revolutionary War hero Colonel William Lee Davidson who was killed at the Battle of Cowan’s Ford (now called Battle Ground). In 1851, Ashville became known as The Land of the Sky because of its high elevation and beautiful mountain views which attract tourists every year from all over America!

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Cultural Attractions

Biltmore Estate: The Biltmore Estate is a well-known attraction in Ashville, NC. It’s one of the largest private residences in the United States, and it was built by George Vanderbilt between 1889 and 1895. Today, it’s open for tours so you can see how rich people lived back then!

River Arts District: This area has become popular among artists because of its cheap rents and easy access to nature (there are lots of rivers). You can find all kinds of art here–from paintings to sculptures made out of trash! If you’re interested in checking out some cool stuff while walking around town or hanging out at one of their many restaurants or bars (like Topo Giro), this is definitely worth checking out!

Downtown Ashville: Downtown has plenty going on too! There are tons of shops where locals go shopping; restaurants that serve up delicious food; bars where people go after work or on weekends; even parks where kids can play while parents watch them from nearby benches…and maybe even enjoy some live music while they’re there too!

Food & Drink
There are plenty of places to eat and drink in Ashville, and we’ve got the scoop on them all.

Breweries: You can’t go wrong with a brewery tour! Try out Catawba or Highland Brewing Company for some locally brewed beer.
Restaurants: If you’re looking for something more upscale, check out The Market Place at Biltmore Estate or Tupelo Honey Cafe (which has several locations throughout Asheville). For traditional Southern food with a twist, try Early Girl Eatery or Buxton Hall Barbecue.

Farmers Markets: There are several farmers markets throughout Asheville where you can buy fresh produce directly from local farmers–and they’re open year-round!

If you’re a fan of vintage shopping, Ashville is the place for you. You’ll find an abundance of local boutiques that carry one-of-a-kind pieces and handmade goods. If antiques are more your style, there’s no shortage of antique stores in town–you can even take part in an antique scavenger hunt!

There are a number of luxury hotels in Asheville, including the Omni Grove Park Inn and The Biltmore. If you’re looking for something more affordable, there are several bed & breakfasts in the area that offer great value for money. Airbnb is also an excellent option if you want to stay somewhere with more character than a hotel but don’t mind sharing your space with other people.

There are plenty of live music venues in Asheville, but the biggest and most popular is The Orange Peel. It’s a great place to see a variety of bands, from local acts to national ones. There’s also an upstairs bar area where you can grab drinks before or after seeing your favorite band play on stage downstairs.
If you’re looking for more than just music, check out Barley’s Tap Room & Pizzeria in downtown Asheville. This place has been around since 1988 and has become known as one of the best bars in town with its huge selection of beers on tap (over 50!), TVs showing sports games, pool tables and even arcade games! You’ll find something here no matter what you like doing when hanging out with friends after work or school!

Family-Friendly Activities
If you’re looking to take the kids out and about, Ashville has plenty of family-friendly activities. The area is home to several zoos and aquariums, including the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro and the Chimpanzee Sanctuary U.S., which is located just outside of town. You can also explore some amazing parks in Ashville, such as Lake James State Park or Pilot Mountain State Park–both popular spots for hiking and camping!

Events & Festivals
Asheville is a city that celebrates the arts, music and food. There are events for every season and for every taste.

The Mountain Sports Festival brings together outdoor enthusiasts from across the country to celebrate their love of the outdoors. It’s held each year in March or April at Pack Square Park in downtown Asheville. This festival includes activities like hiking, backpacking, kayaking and mountain biking as well as vendors selling gear and clothing related to these activities. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to spend your next weekend outdoors then this is definitely an event worth checking out!

The Asheville Wine & Food Festival takes place every October at Biltmore Estate (see below). It showcases local wineries while offering wine tastings along with food pairings from some of Asheville’s top restaurants including those owned by celebrity chefs such as Sean Brock (Husk) or Robert Stehling (Curate). You can also find workshops hosted by celebrity chefs during this festival such as James Beard award winner John Fleer who teaches classes on cooking techniques like sous vide cooking where food is cooked in vacuum sealed pouches submerged into hot water baths at low temperatures until tender enough so they don’t need much additional preparation before serving them up hot off your stovetop pan!

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